Tools for Materials Characterization


  • Crystal Growth Modeling

    Si, Ge, GaAs, InGaAs, InP, CdTe, CdZnTe, HgCdTe, MnCdTe, SiC, AlN, AlGaN, and more

    Crystal Growth
  • Multi-Channel Analysis

    Real-time monitoring of crystal's response to ionizing radiation

    Strontium Iodide
  • SYMMIC Thermal Analysis

    Design-stage thermal analysis of integrated circuits

  • SYMMIC in the Cloud

    HPC cluster solves 270 million unknowns in 47 minutes

  • Wafer Scanning Automation

    Rapid 3D scans, defect quantification, bandgap estimation and more

    Wafer Scans
  • Characterization Services

    Oxygen measurements, 3D wafer mapping, gamma spectroscopy, and more

    More details... Characterization
  • Crystal Growth of Radiation Detectors
  • Strontium Iodide and CLYC scintillators
  • SYMMIC Thermal Analysis Software
  • Cadmium Zinc Telluride
  • Thallium Bromide
  • Characterization Services

Radiation Detectors

CapeSym produces low-cost materials and instrumentation electronics for high-resolution energy spectrometry. Please visit the e-store:


Software Applications

CapeSym develops engineering design and process optimization software for thermal analysis, crystal growth, radiation measurement, and material characterization.

Engineering Services

Engineering Services

CapeSym offers a wide variety of services including thermal analysis, engineering design consultation, and characterization of materials using our in-house tools.